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A Higher Standard


Agent Eden is more than a sports drink.

It's a movement. 


   Processed, industrial ingredients, like citric acid and sodium citrate, are in everything (read some labels or click here).  Most ingredient lists read like a chemistry lab inventory sheet, even products that are marketed as "natural."


At Agent Eden, we have a higher standard, creating a naturally powerful sports drink using 100% whole, unprocessed ingredients and ancient artisan techniques.


We want to do more than make a sports drink...we want to create a new standard.  It's time for the industry to evolve.  Real people deserve real fuel.  



Unhealthy Processed Food Logo

Ancient Wisdom


In the tradition of the primal grain beverages of ancient Egypt, with artisan knowledge passed from generation to generation, Agent Eden is crafted slowly, by hand, to extract the prime nutrients found in naturally powerful grains and fruits.


The core techniques were discovered while researching the historical nutrition sources of our ancestors during physically demanding periods of substantial growth and economic development. 


   Utilizing a complex proprietary process, it takes longer to make Agent Eden than other sports drinks, but there is no other way to do it.  Good things take timeWe take ancient wisdom, combine it with modern knowledge, and create the finest small-batch-brewed endurance sports drink available.

Agent Eden is a complete hydration drink, providing all the carbs, electrolytes, and protein necessary for high-output awesomeness.

At its core is a complex mix of natural sugars, featuring Maltose - nature's perfect endurance fuel.  It's also rich in electrolytes, with a unique composition of essential endurance minerals, like sodium, calcium, potassium, and magnesium.  And, with 10 grams of protein per bottle, Agent Eden has significant advantages over other sports drinks, including post-activity recovery benefits

Because it is created with ONLY naturally powerful whole ingredients, the composition of key endurance nutrients matches our metabolic and physiological needs perfectly.  Agent Eden is designed to be powerfully-balanced and provide both quick and slow release energy. 


Use it before, during, and after your adventures to Flow Like Fire - Naturally Powerful.


flow like fire

Rethink Your Sports Drink.

Agent Eden is quality fuel made from naturally-powerful, 100% whole ingredients.  Nothing processed...EVER.  It's REAL, like no other sports drink.

 "The functional nutrition of Agent Eden is off the hook.  Because of the variety and complexity of the natural ingredients, the sugar profile of the final product is perfectly matched to the requirements of the high output endurance athlete."

 ROBERTSON PEARCE, M.D. -  - Physician and Action Sports Enthusiast

 RYAN ROBERTS - Moto and Enduro/DH MTB Champ -  Gardnerville NV

 "Agent Eden works!  Straight up.  I noticed a huge difference the first time I used it...during my ride but also afterward during recovery.  I'm more powerful and recover faster with Agent Eden.  It works better AND it's healthier...that's good stuff!"

Agent Eden Craft Sports Drink Hydration Carbs Electrolytes Protein



Tom Van Ruiten Founder Agent Eden Craft Sports Drink

 "The idea for Agent Eden was born on the trails above Lake Tahoe, riding mountain bikes with friends.  I started reading labels of the stuff I was using at the time and was determined to find something healthier.  It didn't exist, so we invented it."

 TOM VAN RUITEN - Agent Eden Founder and Adventure Sports Guru

The difference is REAL


 We believe that pure, whole ingredients are healthier and more powerful than processed industrial ingredients.


Agent Eden has an optimal balance of hydrating fluid, sugars, protein, and electrolytes because it's made ONLY from nature's finest whole ingredients, harnessing the primal power of the proven foods upon which humanity evolved.


Our Craft Sports Drink is made from 100% real, whole ingredients.  Foods that GROW (dates, barley) and FLOW (water, honey).  We choose only the finest ingredients, proven over thousands of years to be naturally powerful and nutritious.  


Agent Eden's Apple Pie Sports Drink is made from only:  Water, Coconut Water, Apples, Barley, Dates, Wheat, Honey, Coconut Palm Sugar, Sea Salt, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg


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