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The Agent Eden Alliance Athletes Changing the World One Adventue at a Time


Agent Eden is more than a sports drink - its an alliance of like-minded individuals initiating the evolution of sports nutrition and promoting healthy choices in all aspects of life. ​




Agent Eden was founded by adventure sports enthusiasts to create a functionally superior endurance drink with all the energy and electrolytes required for intense sustained activity that was "actually natural",  made from real,  whole, unprocessed ingredients.


Our foundation is a little bit selfish, in all honesty.  We were tired of the sports nutrition choices on the market and had to create something rad to fuel our own adventures. 


 We are adventurers.  We are friends.  We appreciate good fun, food, and drink.  We are Agent Eden.



Agent Eden is on a mission to revolutionize the sports nutrition industry.  Today, in 2017, the market consists of products made from processed, industrialized, powder-based ingredients of isolated elements, stripped from their basic, root form.  Agent Eden will pioneer the development of the CRAFT SPORTS NUTRITION market by providing superior nutrition, made from real, whole ingredients using craft/artisan techniques.  Ingredients will be the foundation, focusing on trusted foods that have been part of the human diet for thousands of years.  “Natural” is not enough.  We insist on real, whole, foods in their original, basic form.  We are on a mission to provide the world’s highest quality sports drink, and in doing so, create a movement, so that other companies may join, and the market will be transformed for the benefit of all consumers.

Agent Eden Alliance Field Agent Membership Benefits



Alliance FIELD AGENTS are movement supporters helping to promote healthy, active lives and good nutritional choices.  Membership has the following benefits.


You get a 20% discount on all purchases from our store.


10% of all your purchases from our store go to support our CHARITABLE PARTNERS, National Parks Conservation Association and Action for Healthy Kids.


You get to feel really good about the first two things.


You get a special sticker that only FIELD AGENTs get.  It's special.



Alliance TEAM MEMBERS are sponsored athletes (free/discount product) working with Agent Eden on awesome things.  If you are interested in being part of the team, please take this short aptitude test:


1)  Are you awesome?  Y/N

2)  Does "Barley" sound more natural than "Potassium Chloride" to you? Y/N

3)  Do you like awesome things? Y/N


If you answered 'YES" to all 3, you might be a good fit.  Please email and tell us who you are, what you are passionate about, and why you want to be on the team.  It should go without saying...but if you have never tried Agent Eden, please hold off on your application until you have actually tried the product.

Agent Eden Alliance Team Members
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