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Agent Eden Sports Drink - Power Your Passion - Naturally Powerful Hydration, Carbs, Electrolytes, Protein


Agent Eden is a complete sports drink, providing all the hydration, carbs/sugars, electrolytes, and protein necessary for high-output awesomeness.  It was designed to stand alone.  Drink it before | during | after your adventures.


Everybody is different, but try 1 BOTTLE PER HOUR of INTENSE SUSTAINED ACTIVITY and adjust as necessary for your metabolism.


*If your activity is casual and less than an hour, you can still enjoy Agent Eden, but truthfully - you probably don't need it.


*Agent Eden makes a great mixer with rum, whiskey, and keep that in mind for post activity  "recovery." - of course, if you are not legal to drink you should not pay attention to this note.

Agent Eden Sports Drink Sugar Composition and Glycemic Index of Fructose Sucrose Glucose and Malose

Each Bottle of Agent Eden Contains 32 grams of essential sugars, artfully extracted from the proven foods that have powered humanity for thousands of years. 


The functional composition has been optimally balanced between fast-release and slow-release for superior performance.


It is perfectly matched to our metabolic needs because it is founded upon naturally powerful, real, whole ingredients.

From simple monosaccharides to complex disaccharides, and featuring MALTOSE - Nature's perfect natural endurance sugar, Agent Eden is ready to Power Your Passion and let you Flow Like Fire - NATURALLY POWERFUL.


Electrolytes are essential for extreme endurance activity.  If carbs are the gasoline, electrolytes are the oil that keeps the motor running.  Agent Eden is a prime source of potassium, sodium,  calcium, and magnesium, the key electrolyte endurance minerals required for sustained athletic output. 


Core Agent Eden ingredients (like barley, coconut water, and dates) are rich in natural electrolytes, creating balanced ratios of critical minerals to keep you going when things get tough.


Electrolyte minerals in Agent Eden Sports Hydration Drink


We don't add protein to Agent comes naturally from the barley, wheat, and dates during our artisanal process and is one of the many benefits inherent to traditional ancient grain beverages.

There is no doubt that protein aids athletes in muscle recovery, and the more prolonged or intense the exercise, the greater the impact of properly fueling with protein.


Agent Eden has 10 grams of protein per serving - that's 20% of the standard daily value (DV) - helping you recover quickly for your next adventure.


Obstacle Course Race Woman
Agent Eden Apple Pie Bottle and Nutritional Content

small batch brewed from the finest whole ingredients

water, coconut water, apples, barley, dates, wheat, honey, coconut palm sugar, sea salt, cinnamon, and nutmeg

Agent Eden Apple Pie

craft sports drink

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